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Training Tutorials for Professional Pianists

Concert Pianist

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Why every professional pianist should read this

8 highly effective training tutorials, offering fundamental, but largely unknown insights into professional piano technique.
Clear instruction. Easy to understand.
Based on systematic video and audio analysis of world-class pianists.
Instant results. Long-term progress.
No need to buy the whole training set. Select the tutorials according to your invidual requirements.

What you will find inside the tutorials

Every pianist, even famous concert pianists, can experience major crises which directly arise from deficiencies in their piano technique - many of them so serious that they destroy careers and lives.

For you as a piano professional, a solid setup or perhaps some distinct adjustments of your technique are the foundation on which you can build your future success. If the foundation is not correct, nothing will be correct.

The Concert Pianist Academy provides any information you need to

Essentials for Concert Pianists

No trial and error. Learn how to easily lift your piano technique to new heights.

Save time and money


% Effort

As a piano professional you can't afford to lose time. The audience won't care if it takes you months or years to prepare your performance.

% Efficiency

Artistic talent is nothing without the technique to communicate it. Be sure to make the most of your possibilities.

About me

In my youth and during my adolescence I had terribly bad piano teachers. As a result, at the end of my professional piano studies in my mid-twenties I ended up with damaged wrists and hand nerves.

In my desperation I started to take lessons from the best concert pianists and teachers I could find. They taught me in detail how to play and practice. However, they couldn't repair my physical damages. So, today I am something like a piano eunuch. I exactly know how to build up a highly professional piano technique, but I can’t perform myself. I sincerely wish to save you from the same fate. Simply by making sure you won't make any fatal mistakes you could easily avoid.

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Must-read tutorials for concert pianists

Control your Hands.
Free your Mind.

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