Questions and Answers

1Why are the tutorials more expensive than ordinary books about piano technique?
It is not the mass but the quality of information that makes the difference. The tutorials summarize of what is state of the art in piano technique today. Besides, they contain valuable technical advice that has never been published before.
2Can a pianist who is not a performing artist give advice to concert pianist professionals?
Ability is not the same as knowing how to achieve ability. Many performing pianists are so talented that they don’t have to think about piano technique. They just play. A good teacher, however, must know in detail what a pianist has to do – and to avoid – to make sure the student develops in the best possible way.
3Is the course intended for professionals only or can amateurs also benefit from it?
There is no different piano technique for amateurs and professionals. There is only right and wrong. Anyone who wants to put his or her piano playing on a new, better foundation will benefit from the Concert Pianist Academy.
4Is it important to go through tutorials 1 to 8 in order?
The tutorials are independent from each other, but partly refer to the contents of other tutorials. If you have a very specific piano-technical problem, it makes sense to first select the tutorial that can solve this problem for you. However, if you want to improve your overall piano technique, I recommend that you follow Tutorial 1 to 8.
5Can I deduct the expenses for the Concert Pianist Academy from the tax?
Of course you can. Provided you earn your living playing the piano. Since the Academy has just started in 2019, the price does not include VAT. Therefore, you can claim the full amount from the tax office.